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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

Last night, I saw it for the 3rd time, this time 'round in the English OV. So far, I had only seen it in German. Oh my gawd, it's even better in the original version!!! Not that this took me by surprise, cause the original is pretty much always better, but wow, I was so blwon away! It was gorgeous!
And, obviously, everyone else in the theatre liked it too, some apparently saw it for the first time and after the film had ended, all those english people in the theatre were like: "Oh wow, that was so good, it was even better than the original."
Now, you cah argue about that, but I personally felt glad they all seemed to approve of it so much.

Lots of the slapstick in the film was so much funnier seeing it in the Ov, too, they came across even better and well, among other things, now I can't imagine watching it without Simon Pegg's scottish accent anymore!
And then there was, of course, Leonard Nimoy's wonderfully deep voice again, and Checov's "Captain Kurk", which he doesn't pronounce like this in german. I mean, he does have a heavy russian accent in the german version, too, but it's not like that.
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