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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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After seeing this fan made TNG intro

makes me want to see more and more TNG-R. I got all the seasons on TNG and I would hate for this series to fade into the shadows of trek past because of it sfx
I'm not really impressed. Bad transitions and editing. Its not professional though so Iam sure the real thing would be better.

True not the best ever made but its gives a good idea what improved sfx and cgi enterprise-d could look like. Im sure when Paramount does it, it will blow people's minds ala These are the voyages, or looks remotely like E-D in Generations
Sure its not the best fan vid but its a good effort and shows what might be done. The opening credits illustrated one of my points. The planets in the openning sequence look utterly terrible by today's standards. At the distance shown, we should be able to perceive the landmasses and the glistening oceans, not a vaguely familar blue ball.

When the ship flies by, we want to see the rooms inside. The final shot of BoBW that ends with Picard looking out the ready room window, which then cuts to the Enterprise in orbit with the Moon beyond, I'd fill in the middle as one continuous shot, pulling right out from Picard at the window, zooming out to match the original long shot.

Remastering TNG is most likely to be the last addition of new material to the Prime universe so any extra frame is to be cherished, not scorned. And the project should not be to merely upscale the picture quality to not look bad, it should upgrade it to look amazing, and to that end creative liberties are a must.

I don't see the point of a scene for scene rework, when some of the scenes are not that convincing anyway. Repetitive flybys, reused graphics, alien freighters and exploding Birds of Prey.

When you buy a new suit, do you pick the one that hides your lesser features or the one that makes you look amazing? On a congested highway, do want it resurfaced or an extra lane? If they have to rework the effects from scratch, they might as well inject some originality too.
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