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Re: 24 Question: Should They Bring Back Palmer?

I doubt even 24 would let itself become that ridiculous. Tony's death always had a little wiggle room that the writers could get themselves out of it if they wanted to. Palmer was shot in the neck, and his body (with his scars on his hands) was visible an hour later. He's dead, Jim. Not that I don't mourn Palmer's departure from the show. He was the second lead on the series during the first two years, and even though the writers didn't quite know what to do with him during the third season, he always had such wonderful screen presence that it almost didn't matter.

But season five needed his death in the beginning to work. Season six needed it, too, although that soon fell apart dramatically that the groundwork didn't matter. It was a tough call, but it was more valuable than having Palmer show up for a perfunctory phone call every now and then as a former President in exile (or, worse, forcing him into the series in an action capacity).

Let the character rest. Logan, on the other hand, now there's a weasel that I wouldn't mind seeing again. Honestly, I wouldn't mind seeing all of the former Presidents who have received the short end of the stick: Keeler, Logan, Gardner, Palmer (II), and Daniels. A lot of good or great actors there, mostly wasted in the final analysis (except, perhaps, Logan).
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