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Re: Smallville Summer Hiatus Discussion Thread

^ The 17 episode thing isn't definite yet AFAIK, since a whole lot of people over on TWOP would be moaning about it if it were.

Allison btw as far as I know from reading Kryptonsite signed a one year deal last summer and it was close in terms of neogitation.
Allison actually signed a two year deal, seasons 8 and 9. You're right about it being close though. And she talked in a recent interview about working with the writers and looking for ways to write out her character at the end of the coming season. Of course, Chloe only needs to be written out of the show if Smallville gets a season 10, which Tom and (I think?) Erica are signed for. But with Smallville's move to friday nights and the CW's continuing troubles, another season doesn't look too likely.
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