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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

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2) Spock/Uhura: While I do like this pairing (BTW, there's some excellent fanfic out there if anyone is interested) the timing is completely off. I find it hard to believe a man uncomfortable with his human heritage would engage in a love affair with a human woman. Sure, later on I could see it happening but not to the guy who went off to learn the Vulcan discipline of Kolihnar after the original mission.
I understand your point of view and that you aren't against the pairing. I also agree that the Spock in TOS wasn't in the right frame of mind to have any serious relationship.
But think about it: this Spock isn't the one who wanted to undergo Kolihnar in TMP. From the beginning of the movie, we see he's not as ashamed of his human side as Spock Prime was. Sure, his relationship with Uhura is certainly not going to make things easier for him but it's not completely out of there for this Spock.

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As for the actors each performance was like a love letter to the original charcter. You could tell from the way the actor who played Spock stood to the way "Bones" said "Dammit Jim" that they were in love with their characters and wanted to do right by them.
As far as I'm concerned, it's this obvious love for the characters that made me like the movie so much and easily overlook its flaws.

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Also, it was great to see Nimoy again. "I have been and always will be your friend" was an amazing moment and it was hearatbreaking that the younger Kirk had no idea what he was talking about.
You're right. It didn't hit me until my second viewing. Spock Prime has his dear friend with him after loosing him years ago but he can't hope to relate to him the way he used. But you can also see that Kirk's presence only is enough to draw Spock out of his despair.
Bones: "Do you know why you're not afraid to die, Spock? You're more afraid of living. Each day you stay alive is one more day you might slip and let your human half peek out."
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