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Have you seen the movie Thinner? It's about a guy who is cursed by a Gypsy, gets thinner, and dies.

This is a movie about somebody who is cursed and Dragged to Hell.
That's it? That's the parallel? Somebody gets cursed, and dies--so that makes them exactly the same?

Sounds to me like you're setting the bar for originality pretty high.

By that kind of reasoning, just about every horror movie ever made is derivative and predictable.

Does a movie have a vampire in it? "Yawn--Bram Stoker did vampires back in 1897, with his novel Dracula. Can't anybody think of anything new?"

It's just conventional horror movie crap. Often times in horror films, they go for the downbeat "scary ending" even when it's one we see coming miles away. Hence, Typical horror movie ending.
Sometimes they do, and sometimes they don't.

Out of the twenty-nine movies in my collection, nine end with everyone dead, or doomed to die. In twenty of them, some or all of the protagonists survive. In other words, "untypical" endings outnumber "typical" endings by more than two to one.

I suppose it's possible that my collection is unrepresentative. But it's also possible that your claims just aren't true.

In any case, by your reasoning, a classic like The Omen is just "conventional horror crap" because, well, evil triumphed, and everybody died.

Did the cops shoot Ambassador Thorn before he could kill Damien? Yawn--how predictable.

That final smile in the graveyard? Boring. Evil triumphed...again. Didn't anybody have any new ideas, even back in the 70s?

It also wasn't an "ending". It was a cliffhanger for a third season that never got made.

It was also an episode in a television series, rather than a movie, so you're comparing apples and oranges in more ways than one.

Nor was it simply "Haha hero dies bad guy wins" which, by the way, was what this was. It was a terrible ending that's become too common.
You mean, like in The Thing or Night of the Living Dead or Return of the Living Dead or Angel Heart or Funny Games?

Yeah, what shitty movies. I mean--everybody died. How conventional.

And we all knew it was coming. If you didn't, I really think you should tear up your high school diploma because damn, I really don't think you deserve it.
I don't see any reason for you to insult me just because I disagree with you. I'll let the moderators decide if that was a flame or not.

I'll insult people not because of their opinion,but I will criticize them for not seeing something that is very clear from the beginning. If I say 2 plus 2 is seven, will you call me an idiot or willy you respect my right to believe it?

What makes a movie "Original" is how it differs from similar stories. Essentially, the movie followed the exact same structure as Thinner. Not all Vampire films follow the same structure as Dracula. With you logic, I should bitch about how much of a ripoff of "Carmilla" Dracula is.

And yes, this IS the conventional ending.... For Christ's sake, Thinner, The Grudge, ect....

What makes end twists work is that we don't see them coming, or that they are bold. Or maybe their is actually a point to it other then a cheap scare. The Omen's ending worked. First of all, it wasn't unexpected. Also, the point of the movie wasn't about "killing Damien". It was about his rise. Drag Me to hell is about somebody fighting a curse.

Night of the Living Dead worked because our Hero actually survived the night... And was killed not by Zombies, but by a human menace. The Thing worked because the creature was destroyed... PROBABLY... But even if it was, they were fighting their own paranoia at that point. That was poignant.
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