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Connie 1701
Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

hello all...

this is return of Admiral Don Janeway 29!

... now that's over with.... I have seen this movie like 5 times now and i think it's great!

-Spock Prime saying "James T. Kirk" once again.
-Bruce Greenwood as Capt./Admiral Christopher Pike.
-interaction between Kirk and Spock on the new Enterprise.
-how well Kirk and Sulu worked together.
-first meeting of Scotty for Kirk.
-Kobayashi Maru similation and how Kirk made joke out of it
-meeting of Kirk/Bones on Academy shuttle.
-The Enterprise NCC-1701
-The Jellyfish
-the metion of Admiral Archer's Dog by Scotty

Not too sure about
-Loss of Amanda Grayson
-Destruction of Vulcan
-the Engineering on the Enterprise
-Delta Vega has snow?!?

-Scotty treating Keenser poorly.
-it's over until 2011
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