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I suppose it is similar to the ending of the first Evil Dead movie in that the hero believes he/she has survived and then gets taken out at the last moment.

People tend to forget that happened at the end of the first one because Ash was shown to have survived in Evil Dead 2, but I do think Raimi intended to imply his at least very possible death in the first movie.
Yeah, and then in the second one gets sucked through and survives, but then becomes a slave (although he is hailed as a hero in ED2) and in the third one thinks he's going home and ends up in a ruined future. So bad to worse in each case.
But yeah, not truly a "typical" horror ending.
Depends on the ending for 3...there are two (never sure which is which)
I thought the second "He gets home and blows the head of a demon at S-Mart" ending was DVD only?
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