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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

Part of what's going on...I have this feeling that during the endgame of the war, the Vorta got stricter--especially once the Founder fell ill. They're...jerks. To me, it seems like it would've fit for them to make the Jem'Hadar jump through one more annoying hoop "to remind them who's boss."

And wow, you know what...if Berat knew you well, I think he would've laughed out loud at what you said! He can actually have quite a sense of humor about himself with those with whom he's at ease, and I could just hear him telling me, "Superhero?! Do I LOOK like a superhero?" (Then again, if someone told him about the character of Charles Xavier, he might laugh even harder...because even though his neurological issues are different, he'd get a kick out of the comparison.)

The sensor interference helps with the disruptor flashes...and remember, the Sherouk has done a much better job of fine-tuning than the Jem'Hadar have so far, because they've been planning this in advance.
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