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Re: A Star trek CGI series

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It's true, we fans have sometimes expressed scepticism over the idea a Star Trek CGI series, and for a number of valid reasons; Like the difficulty to relate to CGI characters. Or the fact that it wouldn't be a high-profile live action show. Or that CGI used to be fairly limited technically (with emphasis on "used to").

However, after seeing Star Trek: Aurora ( ), as well as some other non-Star Trek related CGI productions, I've completely changed my mind on the matter. Yes, I'd say that a CGI series is very much feasible. Now that I've seen a number of newer CGI productions, I've come to realize that CGI has really come a long way, and that it is indeed possible to relate to CGI characters. A CGI show also has the advantage that it's fairly easy to display really exotic and non-humanoid aliens of many different shapes and sizes.

Now, as far as I understand, Aurora is basically the work of a single person, doing it for free on his spare time. (And the first episode is also already several years old.) So just imagine what would be the end result if a CGI series got the budget of a TV programme, with a number of professionals working on it with state-of-the-art computer technology at their hands.
I think the outcome would indeed be excellent.

Let us ponder for a minute the advantages of a CGI show:
*The relative ease to show really exotic and non-humanoid aliens (four-legged creatures, sulfur-based lifeforms, worm-like organisms, tentacled creatures, etc).
*A CGI series won't appear as "cartoonish" or "kiddy" as a Star Trek cartoon would.
*A much lower cost than a live action show. No actors demanding a higher salary each season. No expensive sets or props, no need for costly alien prosthetics or puppetry.
*It's easier to relate to semi-realistic CGI characters than it is with unreal and often odd-looking cartoony characters.
*You can for a fairly low cost bring in cameos from the other Star Trek productions: Picard, Data, Worf, Riker, Q, Kira, Dukat, Dax, Seven of Nine, Ambassador Spock, or any and all of the Star Trek XI actors.

As far as I can see, a CGI show would definitely be a compelling continuation of the Star Trek saga.

So... what are your current thoughts regarding a CGI Star Trek series?
Very much in the positive-and I want to see a show or movie done in the style of this game trailer: Star Wars: The Old Republic

I wouldn't also mind seeing a traditional cel-animated anime show/movie/OAV in the style of Batman: Gotham Knight-that would be amazing beyond belief.

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