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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

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Will post more tomorrow, but-great Jem'Hadar names!!

Also, I'm not sure the Jem'Hadar would call Vorta "esteemed"- at least not if they weren't there?
Well...the way I look at it, it might be a rule or regulation the Vorta laid down. Doesn't mean Volet'aval or anybody else liked it. (And he SURE doesn't, considering he's pretty much figured out there's a rebellion on the surface and can't get approval to attack!)
I just don't remember ever hearing a Jem'Hadar say it, and yours do it often. It's hard to say- the Vorta are... well, the Vorta (which speaks for itself) but then they also have that "we're all slaves to the Founders" thing going on too. It just sometimes surprises me to hear the Jem'Hadar say it.

Good follow up!! I was wondering about all that phaser fire down there, kinda hard to miss! It's good Berat is getting a bit nervous, he's no super hero, and that the plan has realistic hitches and so on, it's not ridiculously simple just because the "good guys" are doing something.
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