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Re: I Want This as a Star Wars Film Now

Nardpuncher wrote: View Post
For an example of fanboy, just read your post again.
Don't kid yourself, you're one too, as is everyone else in this topic and most of the people on the board. Fanboy when used as a pejorative term is just one group of fans poorly attempting to look down on another group of fans who happen to like things they don't, so they can feel better about themselves. Sometimes they just throw it out there as an insult when they don't even have a clue why, like you just did because you couldn't respond to the content of the post.

Broccoli wrote: View Post
For one, I never made the Zack Snyder reference. Don't get defensive towards me about it.
You said QFT. Unless the meaning of that has changed, I would assume that means you agreed with what T'Baio said, right?

I was addressing both of your comments, not just yours. The Snyder reference would quite obviously be addressing his post, not yours.

That being said, are you that naive? I know you have been in the various grading/discussion forums here. People bitch about the dumbest things. I personally could care less about slo-mo/fast-mo, but you can't deny that there would be a contingent of people who would bellyache and moan saying, "OMG! Lucass is ripping off 300! and the Watchman!!!11!!one!! He's such a hack! Burn his house down!!!!11!!"
So what? Yes, there's always going to be a fringe group bitching about stupid things. The difference is between it being a fringe group and it being "all" or "many" or a majority of the audience making such complaints, which is what I took issue with.

And, yes, the story would have to be good. But, we are not talking about that. We are talking about a trailer. Every time a high-profile trailer comes out, people bitch about the dumbest things. For one, Star Trek. Remember people bitching about the Enterprise being build on Earth during the very vague Cloverfield trailer? Or the later trailer that showed Spock attacking Kirk and people were bitching that Spock would never attack Kirk (even though they were presented evidence to the contrary)!

People are prone to bitching. I go back to my original point: If this was a trailer for a real Star Wars movie, people would rip it to shreds.
Yeah, I remember the Trek XI trailer(s) and the reaction. And I remember the vast majority of people liking it. See my point above.

Look, this whole argument is getting silly, and it's not even about the merits or lack thereof of the trailer anymore. I simply object to painting the majority of people responding in this topic with the same broad brush. That's all.
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