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Many spoilers, but if you can't guess them from the previews, I want you to stop breathing the same oxygen I do....

Drag Me To Hell is a movie that pretty much starts out great, but ends up being dragged down to hell by the third act, mostly because Sam Raimi can't avoid, well, convention.

It's got some great sequences, and is pretty frightening, enough to forgive the fact that it's mostly driven by things popping out and going "Boo!"

Unfortunately, what happens if you see a gun in the first act that doesn't go off in the third act? You wonder why they even let us know there is a gun in the first place.

Beginning: Kid is dragged to hell by a demon (the Lamia). Spiritualist devotes her life to stopping it.

Half way throug: The Spiritualist is back, but guess what? All she does is talk, die, and pad the film. Because hey, who wants that?

And then the movie just goes down the same beaten path every horror film goes down. So why bother? Why should I even care at this point, if I know what's going to happen next?

And, because it's a horror movie, our hero gets dragged to hell. Sorry, I know, it's a spoiler. But is it really? It's on the posters, in the trailer, and I went to the theater KNOWING it was going to happen. I just hoped I would be surprised. But hey, it's a typical horror movie and I guess they needed a typical horror movie ending. Instead of something original.

I don't need a happy ending. I just think a tacky, cliched, predictable unhappy ending is just as stupid as they typical Hollywood Happy ending... Because all horror films end this way. I want something fresh. If you must have an unhappy ending, at least don't give us the one we know will happen from the get go? Or at least, have more to it than that.

Quite frankly, it was a cop out ending. Actually, I screamed "Cop out!"
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