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Re: Farscape comic query

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I'm really enjoying spending more time with the Farscape characters thanks to the great comics from our very own KRAD, but I;m wondering, have I missed an issue, or are they flooding the market by putting out two stories simultaneously?

I have 1-4 of the first one, 1-3 of "Strange Detractors" and 1-2 of "D'Argo's Lament"
You've got them all. The mini came out first, and did really well. So they've decided to keep putting out more.

Strange Detractors is a four-issue follow up to the mini. The same month #2 of that came out, #1 of Lament came out. That's another four-issue mini, though it is set during the series.

And they're not going away any time soon. Per Krad, the writer of these comics, there are at least three more FS titles coming soon. After Strange is Dead and Gone, followed by Tangled Roots. Lament will be followed by D'Argo's Trial.
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