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Re: TNG DVD Transfers

I avoid having to deal with the actual DVDs too much, by ripping each episode onto my server and watching them via my AppleTV.

While I enjoy owning the actual DVDs, and of course paying the people who give me this enjoyment, in my opinion tangible media will become an endangered species. It's just much nicer to be able to take my collection of music, TV shows and movies with me. Whether that be on my desktop computer, on my 50" plasma (via AppleTV), on my laptop, or on my iPod.

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The packaging, while sort of cool at first, just seems clunky over time.
What I have read (check out the reviews at Amazon) is that the packaging is very cheap and literally falls apart over time. And stunningly, there is no insert indicating which episodes are on which discs, and thatís a basic necessity in a 49-disc package, so you have to create one yourself, or else deal with a major pain in the ass whenever you want to watch a particular episode and have to find the disc that itís on. I realize that remastering the video may be impractical, but there are certain minimum standards for packaging of a set like this, and Paramount has failed to meet even those minimal standards. Selling it in this kind of a package is completely disrespectful to the material.
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