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Re: TNG Season 1 & 2 followups in novels & comics

TNG novels that are set in the first two seasons:

Season 1:
#1 Ghost Ship
#2 The Peacekeepers
#3 The Children of Hamlin
#4 Survivors
#8 The Captains' Honor

Season 2:
#5 Strike Zone
#6 Power Hungry
#7 Masks
#9 A Call to Darkness
Giant #1 Metamorphosis

The only one that really constitutes a followup to a TNG episode is Survivors, a Tasha Yar-focused novel that takes place mostly before "Skin of Evil" but has a final chapter or two set just after Tasha's death. The Captains' Honor is kind of an odd followup to "Bread and Circuses" from the original series, and Strike Zone is a followup to Peter David's TOS comics.

Also, a couple of the early ones don't quite fit the tone of the seasons in question, since they were written before the show actually premiered. Ghost Ship was written based only on the series bible and the pilot script, and the characterizations are different from how they turned out. And The Children of Hamlin, while an excellent tale, depicts a Starfleet that I find a bit more militant than the one we know from TNG.
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