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Re: I Want This as a Star Wars Film Now

firehawk12 wrote: View Post
No, I'm one of the few people who LIKES the new Clone Wars...
No, no you're not, and I question whether you even read the grading and discussion threads if you think you are. Run a search and check the old Clone Wars topics. There was plenty of interest, mostly positive reviews, and a lot of people pleasantly surprised by the overall quality of the series.

But this trailer was just generic crap blowing up and - more importantly - looks NOTHING like the game it's meant to promote.
Oh, I'm sure the final product won't bear much of a resemblance to this trailer beyond the broad strokes, but I didn't care about the MMO game to begin with. I just liked the trailer.

Broccoli wrote: View Post
Oh, please. Don't be a martyr. I was speaking in general terms and you know it (I also used the qualifer "many", which doesn't mean "everyone").

While I cannot speak for T'Baio, the points he brought up are completely legitimate. Judging from the general attacks that the PT and "Clone Wars" received by a decent majority of fans on this board (and even touched upon in this thread), if this game was made into a movie based purely on this trailer, it would get ripped into as well.
That would depend on the quality of the movie, don't you think? You think people actually give a damn about a few slow-mo shots if it's a good movie?

I loved 'Watchmen' (slow-mo shots and all), so the Zack Snyder criticism doesn't really mean much to me, anyway.

One of the things I have seen on boards is that the PT was too much like a video game, had little-to-no plot (or had a too complex plot - take your pick ), and was just mindless action. This trailer shows more of the same.
They're not mindless action by any means, nor are they lacking or too complex in plot. They're just sort of... dumb. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy them, but that's not to say that they weren't extremely disappointing.

A film made from this could of course be equally dumb, but the comparison to the PT is kind of pointless at this stage since it's obviously not a movie yet. I just see potential to make something great from this.

In short, fandom confuses me at times. I am sure the game will be fun, but, like others, I am still puzzeled at people's reaction that this should have been what the prequels were.
Well, speaking for myself, and a few others said the same, I was hoping for the Jedi and Sith to face off in larger scale battles like this since it was supposed to be back before they were almost completely wiped out and turned into a thing of myth. Then we get the stupid "rule of two" crap with the Sith. That's the only comparison I made with the PT.
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