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Re: Spock's full name

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For all we know, all Vulcans receive a unique identification number at birth which can then be used to governmental and services purposes. Vulcans don't strike me as the type to complain that bureaucracy 'depersonalizes' them.

Fictitiously yours, Trent Roman
I don't know, they seem to place a lot of importance on that Bill of Rights of theirs, which guaratees the "fundamental personal freedoms of every Vulcan citizen". Still, I like the idea of a designated number or some similar convention to aid identification. It reminds me of the Nasats, and their lengthy "designations", as revealed in "Balance of Nature". So, there may be many P8 Blues but only one P8BlueTS27Q6. Vulcans may well have something similar, but given the importance placed on family lineage in their culture, it would be rather odd for their naming conventions to disregard their ancestors. As for the "s...k" idea, I'm certain the "Vulcan's Noun" books established Sarek/Spock's family as part of Surak's ancestral house. Perhaps members of this extended clan tend to take s...k names in honour of Surak, but this means nothing for wider Vulcan naming conventions.
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