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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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While the FX technology was lightyears ahead of the shoestring-budget FX seen in the original TOS 2 decades before, the FX technology seen in the first few seasons of TNG were kind of klunky when compared to even the remastered TOS FX.

Has anyone heard of a possible remastered edition of TNG?

Yes, there have been a few threads about this, and there's one huge hurdle which makes a remastered TNG extremely difficult. Unlike TOS, TNG was filmed and then edited on videotape. All the FX work was done on videotape, and the only completed, edited episodes are on videotape. There's no way to take that and do a high definition transfer.

Presumeably, the original film still exists, but there is no completed episode on film. Giving TNG the TOS-R treatment would be almost like taking the series back into production and re-editing every scene of episode with new special FX. This could be extremely expensive and impractical.

The producers basically f***ed themselves by trying to save money and edit the episodes on videotape.
I've heard this a lot before, and while I can certainly understand that for all the FX scenes involving actors -- view screen shots, on-set explosions, hand phaser fire, so on and so forth -- they could still remaster the exterior visual and transporter effects shots fairly easily, I'd imagine. Such would be a simple matter of splicing out from the video tape, and splicing in the new FX scene. When the big D fires phasers, such and so forth. Likewise, transporters - there are no doubt a few video frames of the actors standing stock still and a few frames of just the transporter pad or given environment -- again, they could use them as beginning and end and use digital tech to splice in a newer effect, if they chose too.

Really though, the big issue with the FX was only ever the exterior visuals. Replacing them shouldn't be terribly difficult. I'm sure someone with the know how could take a shot of the E-D from Enterprise's "These are the Voyages" and insert it seemlessly in between two scenes of TNG's "Pegasus" and slap it up on YouTube easy as pie. It would be little more than that.
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