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Re: I Want This as a Star Wars Film Now

I'm a big Warsie (more of a Warsie than a Trekkie, in fact--I know, blasphemy here.) and honestly... I don't really care much about the expanded universe or prequels. I still see it as the story of Luke, Han and Leia. They are the human drama core of the franchise.

And seeing a bunch of battling Jedi holds little to no interest for me. I like the idea of them as an almost-dead breed.

The "space opera" trio drama part of the franchise is sorely missing from the expanded universe.

And don't even get me started on the prequels and George Lucas' writing skills. I'm quite glad that he used to have enough humility a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away to allow other writers to write his scripts. His original "Journal of the Whills" ideas for Star Wars are like a bad dream--it needed to be refined by other hands into what it became. It's been the same since American Graffiti. Other writers had to take his idea and turn it into something workable. Lucas, while able to come up with legendary ideas, is inept at dialog and dealing with actors (the actors have said as much).

ESB is the best movie in spite of Lucas and because he had the least to do with it. And he still complains despite the universal acclaim about how it's not his vision! He actually calls it the worst Star Wars film (prequels included). Leigh Brackett, in particular, was responsible for the Han/Leia love story, but her draft of the script was drastically cut down (but not enough for Lucas). Lucas still has problems with the amount of their relationship in the film and a lot of the deleted scenes are theirs.

And Lucas especially lost it when kids came into his life. He started wanting to make films for kids rather than for a wide audience like the first two films. It also didn't help that Carrie was completely stoned and Harrison didn't want to be there (the carbonite scene was because Harrison didn't want to return), on top of the Wookiees being replaced with Ewoks.

The problem with the expanded universe is a lot of it is written from a sci-fi/fanboy perspective that cares more about technology, random Jedi and pilots and cool-looking baddies rather than a mainstream drama surrounding a main group of characters that focuses on their personal conflicts and journeys.
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