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Re: What ship would you choose?

I almost forgot this one.

U.S.S. Defiance
NCC 75216
(Intrepid-Class - Dominion War Refit)
  • Propulsion: Q.S.S. Enabled.
  • Cruise Speed: Warp 9.7
  • Defensive / Offensive Systems:
    Phased Mass Holographic Masking System.
    High Yield "Phaser Lance" (* in lieu of aerowing captain's yacht.)
    Standard Phasers / Torpedoes.
    Tricobalt Missile Cache.
    "Condition: Blue" Vertical Take-Off And Landing
    Multi-Layered Auto-Rotating Shields.
  • Auxiliary Vehicles:
    2 - Type 15 (Interceptor-Class) Shuttlecraft.
    1 - Workbee

The expected Diplomatic capacity, standard quarters and science labs of the standard Intrepid-Class have been removed in favor of "assault transport" options such as an entire deck dedicated to The Starfleet Marines' requirements.

"The Doghouse":
  • 'Tactical' Holosuite (a.k.a. 'Mark 2' Stellar Cartography),
  • Infirmary,
  • Transporter Room
  • Ordinance Locker,
  • (Defiant-Class) bunk-style quarters, et al.
  • Common Room / Replimat

The Defiance has been permanently assigned to protecting The Guardian of Forever & "Gateway Station" in orbit.

Only 3 ships of this type have been converted from their original Intrepid-Class layout since their completion at Utopia Planetia (circa 2377).

The Defiance-Class has significantly fewer crew and no such options as Kes' "Horticultural Lab".

Instead, the Defiance-Class has a dormant / redundant secondary warp core (slightly higher rated type/class than a Danube-Class runabout,) set-up to draw power from the dorsal third nacelle.

Dedicated deuterium/anti-matter storage tanks that also draw their power from interacting directly with the third nacelle. A system designed to kick-in (as necessary) to power shields, life-support & other auxiliary / emergency back-up systems, (or the phaser lance when required) so they don't suck essential power from the main core, under normal circumstances.

Which, of course, all provides one HELL of an unforgettable wake-up call during "Self-Destruct".

She's a rottweiller on steroids, specifically designed to face-down anyone from The Klingons, Krenim, and The Romulans, straight through to The Borg.

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