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Re: I Want This as a Star Wars Film Now

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It's time for new SW stories like we just saw the trailer.
New Star Wars stories? Like the Jedi getting their ass handed to them again?
The real question: Do you want old SW stories all over again??
I don't understand the condescending eyeroll, but whatever.

You gave the impression from your confusingly worded post that this game is a new type of Star Wars story.

At which point, I jokingly pointed out that the story seems to be the Jedi getting their asses kicked where they will, presumably, need to come back from being down and out to defeat the bad guys.

This has happened numerous times in the Star Wars universe and is hardly original or new.

What would make it original would be how the story is told, themes involved, etc. Personally, I feel the Star Wars universe has given us a multitude of different types of stories ranging from Jedi stuff, to bounty hunter stuff, to rebel stuff, and anything else in between, in addition to character growth (even if they don't fully have the balls to kill off more of the OT characters) and an expanding and continuously changing universe. So, I don't fully understand your stance that the storytelling in Star Wars is giving us the same stories again and again.
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