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Re: TNG Season 1 & 2 followups in novels & comics

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One could say The Buried Age follows up on elements of "The Battle" and "Encounter at Farpoint," though more accurately it precedes them.

The Jarada from "The Big Goodbye" were followed up intriguingly in Imbalance by V.E. Mitchell, and to a lesser (and incompatible?) extent in Demons of Air and Darkness by KRAD.

The parasites from "Conspiracy" are followed up in the DS9 Relaunch.

There was a sequel to "The Child" called "Prodigal Son" in Strange New Worlds IV.

Klag from "A Matter of Honor" is the lead character in the Gorkon series.

The Iconians from "Contagion" were followed up in the Gateways miniseries.

Kyle Riker from "The Icarus Factor" was in A Time to Love/A Time to Hate.

And there are various followups in SCE, but you sort of covered that.
I can't believe I forgot about Klag and Kyle Riker . As for the parasites, that was one of my favorite parts of the DS9 Relaunch, and I really enjoyed the TNG, DS9 and NF Gateways stories. Didn't Mission Gamma: Twilight also have a tiny bit with the Jarada?
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