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Ruminations on "The Naked Time"

I'm working my way through TOS again. Just started and am watching them in the DVD order, which is the order they were aired. I had forgotten how impressive The Naked Time was, especially as a way of getting to know the characters close to the beginning of the series. The brilliance of the disease was how it revealed the private fears and fantasies of each main character.

Kirk's attachment to the ship and that wonderful line towards the end "No beaches to walk on."

Spock's struggle with emotions: "I never told my mother I loved her."

The scene with Christine and Spock made me appreciate both actors even more. (I miss Majel Barrett even more now ) The turmoil that Spock was going through - what a novel idea that must have been for first time viewers. I actually can see where nuSpock comes from when you watch this.

The Sulu sword segment almost goes without saying, but Uhura! Sulu refers to her as "fair lady" and Uhura goes "Sorry, neither!"

Any other thoughts on this brilliant episode?
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