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Re: I Want This as a Star Wars Film Now

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I swear if that was a trailer for a movie, all the people in here would be complaining about the slow motion and speed ramping.

Zach Snyder directs Star Wars.

Many people here are saying that they want this into a movie and/or wish this was one of the prequels, yet if that were the case, it would be bashed to high heavens.
I'd like to thank the two of you for speaking on everyone's behalf, since they're clearly unable to do so themselves.
Oh, please. Don't be a martyr. I was speaking in general terms and you know it (I also used the qualifer "many", which doesn't mean "everyone").

While I cannot speak for T'Baio, the points he brought up are completely legitimate. Judging from the general attacks that the PT and "Clone Wars" received by a decent majority of fans on this board (and even touched upon in this thread), if this game was made into a movie based purely on this trailer, it would get ripped into as well.

One of the things I have seen on boards is that the PT was too much like a video game, had little-to-no plot (or had a too complex plot - take your pick ), and was just mindless action. This trailer shows more of the same.

In short, fandom confuses me at times. I am sure the game will be fun, but, like others, I am still puzzeled at people's reaction that this should have been what the prequels were.
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