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Re: What bridge design do you like?

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However, over all I like the layout of the bridge on Voyager better. I like how Voyager’s Ops and Tactical stations are in their own little cubby hole (for the lack of a better term) and therefore have a clear view to the main view screen. I also like how Voyager’s bridge is a bit roomier…people just don’t seem to be on top of each other.
I agree with you on this one, I like the fact that all the major stations had large amount of available consoles to use, yet all the stations could still see the main viewer without heavy restriction. The fact that Engineering and Science still got decent 'alcoves', even though they seemed a bit distant from the rest of the bridge, is an improvement over designs (as opposed to the single 'workstations' that they seemed to get on the E-D). The bridge seemed like you could pull off commanding a small fleet with the amount of available control surfaces, and even individual stations could reasonably look like they could control the entire ship if necessary.
I'd forgotten about Engineering and and Sciences alcoves, definately a plus.
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