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Re: I Want This as a Star Wars Film Now

No, I'm one of the few people who LIKES the new Clone Wars... and I'm a freak who despises the old 2D Clone Wars cartoon.
But this trailer was just generic crap blowing up and - more importantly - looks NOTHING like the game it's meant to promote.
It was the very definition of a vapid promo trailer. To hit all the male nerd bases, they might as well have had naked women kissing each other just for the hell out of it.

But I'll happily admit that the trailer did what it was supposed to do - hype the hell out of the game. We'll see if it actual amounts to anything though... as I posted in that E3 thread, I have my doubts.

Trent Roman wrote: View Post
From experience with Bioware's KotOR games, I trust that there will be plot and world-building, and that it will be good, too. Also, the people looked like people and not wooden marionettes.
I'm like the old BSG or Trek or Fallout fan here - I'm pissed off that these people are shitting on the old games and not continuing the story and instead trying to go for a cash cow that they can milk indefinitely.

I have a love-hate thing with BioWare otherwise... since they do some interesting things that they just don't take to the next level. In a BioWare world, people are either REALLY GOOD or REALLY BAD.
I want Dragon Age to be good but I'm close to writing it off... and while I'm all hyped up for Mass Effect 2, especially since they're teasing this game-changing ending, I'm also prepared to be let down.

They say they want to do a story-focused MMO. I still think that is an oxy-moron because you'll have 1000 ultimate master Jedis and 1000 Boba Fetts and 1000 super soldiers and 1000 Han Solos, all of whom are supposed to be as important as Luke Skywalker or Vader. I'm willing to be proven wrong and I might even break my "never play an MMO" rule for this game, but we'll see.

Gaith wrote: View Post
... Does Clone Wars have massive saber battles? (I'm talking at least five on each side.) 'Cause if it is, chances are I'll be happy.
Honestly, why I like the show is that it takes away all the Jedi garbage. I know it's just me, but Jedi in Star Wars are just boring now and showing real grunts is a welcome change to the "Skywalker of the week stories" that take place in the rest of the EU.

But, there's the typical one on one, two on one Jedi battles to answer your question.
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