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Re: I Want This as a Star Wars Film Now

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I swear if that was a trailer for a movie, all the people in here would be complaining about the slow motion and speed ramping.

Zach Snyder directs Star Wars.

Many people here are saying that they want this into a movie and/or wish this was one of the prequels, yet if that were the case, it would be bashed to high heavens.
I'd like to thank the two of you for speaking on everyone's behalf, since they're clearly unable to do so themselves.

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The fanboy stuff would be using sexy females (Boba lady and the Twi'Lek) and the "Our time is at hand" old crap.
Dozens of lightsabers doesn't help much either.
Anyone who liked this should have had no problem with Episode II whatsoever.
The term "fanboy" tends to get thrown around whenever someone deems something that they don't personally like wrong as if their opinion is fact, and forgets that they are themselves as much a "fanboy" as everyone or everything they are attempting to put down with the remark.

You're criticizing the use of dozens of lightsabers in a Sith assault on the Jedi Temple? Should they use slingshots?

What's wrong with having "sexy" female characters (CGI women don't do much for me) so long as you don't make them ridiculously overpowered? In this case they were fighting with blasters and the weapons on their armor respectively, and there was nothing out of the ordinary or over-the-top about their performance in the battle for what a woman of their size and with their equipment should be able to accomplish.

The "our time is at hand" criticism is just silly. The Sith and Jedi, while often somewhat melodramatic, do talk like that.

The difference between this and AotC is:

- The Jedi are fighting equally badass foes instead of flying roaches and dumbass robots.

- The reasons the Jedi are being slaughtered in this case are actually logical and based on cunning tactics, as opposed to them giving up the high ground in the stadium and reenacting Custer's Last Stand in the middle of the arena for no good reason.

- No droid comic relief. They scared me for a second when that droid started rolling up, but fortunately nothing came of it.

- No one mentioned how uncomfortable it is to get sand in their asscrack. Not one whiner in the bunch. Granted, only one guy spoke, but he could have started complaining about how the Jedi were holding him back in his evil accent.

I could go on.

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I don't get how people think this is great but Clone Wars is bad. I mean, Clone Wars is just this over twenty 30 minute episodes. Mindless violence with no plot.
From what I've read in the grading and discussion threads, Clone Wars has been fairly well-received (the movie was mediocre, but there were some really good episodes). I would also disagree with your characterization of the episodes, though that's subjective. Plus, how much plot do you expect in a four-minute clip? For what little time they had to work with I think they did a decent job.
- There are stories about what happened.
- It's true. All of it. TNZ, Hulk, ModMan. They're real.
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