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After about 2 weeks of mediocre to crappy workouts and rainy weather on my days off, I finally had a day with lots of sunshine and no job! I went for a 10-mile bike ride along the Mississippi. My plan to bike according to the wind completely failed because halfway through my ride, the wind randomly started blowing in the opposite direction!

It was tiring.

Then I took a nap, played The Sims 3 for 5 hours longer than I had intended (whoops), and went to the gym to lift.

I typed up a spreadsheet with a new routine on it that I am going to start taking with me. I made so much progress when I did that about 2 years ago, but then I just kinda stopped. It helps to see what you lifted the week before so you can set a real, material goal instead of just guessing.

Also, my personal trainer exam is 6 days away!
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