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Re: I Want This as a Star Wars Film Now

firehawk12 wrote: View Post
I don't get how people think this is great but Clone Wars is bad. I mean, Clone Wars is just this over twenty 30 minute episodes. Mindless violence with no plot.
From experience with Bioware's KotOR games, I trust that there will be plot and world-building, and that it will be good, too. Also, the people looked like people and not wooden marionettes.

DarKush wrote: View Post
Great trailer. I love all things Sith and that dude was definitely badass. Was the Twi'lek female a Sith too?
Allied to the Sith, but not a Sith herself, I wouldn't think. She never used a saber or force powers, just her blasters, and had no physical signs of dark side usage. This may have no relevance whatsoever... but with the Sith being accompanied by two companion, the Twi'lek sharpshooter and Mandalorian soldier, it almost feels like one of KotOR's three-person parties.

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