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Re: The Official Welcome Thread

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Hello, BBS.

Ah, finally a forum I've found that moves at a quick speed that I can stand (and is also supportive of the new film). I've been posting over at the troll-infested IMDb page for a few weeks.

Anyway... I never had any interest in watching Star Trek prior to this film, which I was turned onto because it looked interesting and people were talking about it very positively (raving about it, in fact) on the various Whedonite BtVS/AtS forums that I belong to.

First off, I'm an Star Wars OT fan (Han/Leia, in particular). The technobabble aspects that Star Trek had become [in]famous for (especially with TNG) were not appealing to me (I'm a fantasy/supernatural genre fan). I had seen the last half of First Contact at a friend's house, however, and enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I watched the new film (and became a Zachary Quinto/Heroes fan in the process) and started watching TOS.

As far as TOS goes, I'm a known TVLand retro television junkie (I've seen insane amounts of I Dream of Jeannie, Bewitched, I Love Lucy, The Addams Family, The Munsters, Happy Days, The Wonder Years, Family Ties, Mork & Mindy, The Brady Bunch, The Partridge Family, etc...), so TOS appeals to me on that retro kitsch level. TOS is very comparable to those kinds of shows for me. Though, I must admit that Shatner was always one of the turn-offs of Star Trek for me. I enjoy Spock and McCoy at least (same favorites with the movie, in fact).

So, with that said, I hope I will be welcome!
welcome... great to see you here
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