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TNG DVD Transfers

Hey folks,

Today I was in a local Walmart and saw that they had Seasons One and Two of Star Trek: TNG on DVD. I was ecstatic and purchased Season One (I could only afford one season). The boxes look great, and you could tell they put a lot of work into the presentation of the set. So I brought them home and popped Disc One into the DVD player. Menus good, extras good, but the video quality was less than good. It's mediocre at best. Better than VHS but not as good as DVD. I mean, it just doesn't look like the video transferred very well at all. I can live with it, but it's the sound too. There are times when it's fuzzy, and I wonder if it's just me or if this is common.

Aside from that, I am happy to have Season One and hope to collect all 7 seasons, but this is a little troubling. If this is common for Season One, is it common for all seven seasons?

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