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Re: The Official Welcome Thread

Well, I mention those only because I have watched a lot of them (and now starting on TOS), but I certainly do watch more modern stuff (a few of which I mentioned--Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, Angel: the Series, Bones, Dollhouse, Roswell, Heroes, etc...). And yep, I have noticed that some people here have similar tastes in the T.V./movies section.

I'll eventually continue with watching the rest of TOS online (it's nice they have it for assuredly many new viewers lately by free and legal means).

And as I said, I've been helping explain things like alternate timelines (which I am familiar with due to my exposure to genre franchises--it's shocking how many people have had trouble with it, while I thought it was very clear in the film), the plot holes that aren't plot holes and the deleted scenes on IMDb ever since the first few days that the film was out. I think I've caught onto quite a bit about the franchise and the history of it.
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