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Re: Romulus in Prime timeline [spoilers]

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Let me ask you all this:
If Uncle Spock travels forward to the 24th century what will he find? Will there be all the people he has ever known remembering the canon just as he does? Or will there be a completely different set of events (perhaps somewhat similar) in the canon?
He'll probably find an incredibly advanced society with analogs to Picard, Sisko, Janeway, Data et cetera. There's a weird sense of "destiny" present in the film (Spock Prime is adamant about Kirk and nuSpock becoming friends, and not helping out, detrimentally I believe).

The novel "The Good That Men Do" mentions an alternate universe (mirror universe) that operates entirely differently but has direct analogs of many people. It's attributed by one character to a higher power (maybe "God") and I assume the same thing will apply to this alternate reality. Tuvok might never come to exist though (and Sakonna and Selar and maybe Saavik or Valeris).
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