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Re: Politics/Controversial Topics, Game Threads, Misc FAQ - READ THIS!

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My parting gift to the Misc Mods, to keep them calm during the return of controversial topics (which is A Good Thing, BTW, IMO):

Gomme, lemon juice, Bombay Sapphire, soda water.

1:2:3:4, mix well.

Highball glass, plenty of ice, a slice, and a cherry.

(+ a dash of bitters for the really tough threads)

You'll thank me later.
Bombay Sapphire is shite. Invented by the Bacardi corp in the late 1980s because their Rum sales were falling. They contracted the three biggest ad companies in the US to come up with an advertising strategy, and apparently it worked.

I'd have expected you to have more discerning taste! Bombay is the JC Penny's of gin!

Try Plymouth gin, they've been at it for far longer.
Fuck politics, you just brought out the REAL controversial big guns.
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