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Re: Romulus in Prime timeline [spoilers]

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The writers were commenting on productions, not canon when they said it's "still there".
1. Those writers are now the guys who decide what is and is not canonical.

2. If they say that a line onscreen meant that the prime timeline still exists, then that's what that line means. Period.

3. They have said that a canonical line about alternate timelines means that the original timeline still exists.

4. Ergo, canonically, the original timeline still exists.
Oh come on. We all know they were just telling 'those' TREKIES that they're not trying to piss on everything held dear for fourty years. Canon begone in nuTrek. ST0 is like a canon cannon!

Let me ask you all this:
If Uncle Spock travels forward to the 24th century what will he find? Will there be all the people he has ever known remembering the canon just as he does? Or will there be a completely different set of events (perhaps somewhat similar) in the canon?

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