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Re: I Want This as a Star Wars Film Now

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Here's the four minute 'Deceived' E3 cinematic trailer for the 'Star Wars: The Old Republic

Oh - my- agod!!!
I know man, geek-gasm.

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Its those stupid Jedi holding technology back. Peaceful guardians bah. I always play the Sith in these games. That trailer looked really good, and would have made a great scene for a movie.
I've always chalked up the stangant tech to the wars. With the Jedi and Sith basically taking genocidal shots at each other every few hundred years tech in the galaxy keeps getting knocked back as planets and civlizations are wiped out over and again. Not to mention probably a certain amount of, at least at first, deliberate retardation of tech of Sith orgins but could still be useful to the general populace.
Actually, war typically breeds innovation. I'd say years of peace without any threat of outside power would lead to stagnation. The Clone Wars led to the development of the Death Star, afterall, which appears to have been an innovation.

The Old Republic can be very fascinating and I hope the story in this game does it justice. I won't be playing it because I'm broke, but I wish them the best of luck
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