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Re: I Want This as a Star Wars Film Now

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The fanboy stuff would be using sexy females (Boba lady and the Twi'Lek) and the "Our time is at hand" old crap.
I would say that if it's considered "old" that is only because it was used in the PT. Replace the PT with this, and it's not so old because it doesn't seem so repetitive.

Dozens of lightsabers doesn't help much either.
It didn't really seem to help the PT for that matter, so the point is uncontested.

Anyone who liked this should have had no problem with Episode II whatsoever.
Now that's a bit silly. Without some quality writing, a film based upon what we've seen in this trailer wouldn't fare any better than the PT. The presumption is that the needed quality would be there. Personally, I like the set up in story here and feel it would make for a very engrossing tale, augmented by the special effects.
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