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ENTER the PORTHOS avatar contest!

Recapping the last contest:

lceb wrote:
We have one winner this time, HopefulRomantic, who once more presented a really beutiful avatar, so the golden Porthos is hers

We also had a very close runner-up, Skywalker, and if there was a silver Porthos he would have justly gained it

Congratulations to all the participants and many thanks to the voters!
Thank you, iceb! And onward we go to the next contest.

The theme this week is Porthos. Our little beagle can be in the entry alone or with someone else, or the av can be about him.

I'll put up the voting poll Monday late morning, Pacific time, to give y'all four full days to come up with your lovelies. If anyone needs more time, just let me know.

3... 2... 1... Let's see some avatars!
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