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New Captain Scarlet CGI series 2004-2006 info

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Well I became pro C G I after watching Gerry Andersons New Captain Scarlet
New Captain Scarlet or NCS) is a United Kingdom-produced computer-generated imagery action-adventure TV series which debuted in February 2005 as part of the Ministry of Mayhem on ITV.
Gerry Andersons New Captain Scarlet Ending [8min video]

Well, it is better than The Clone Wars TV series style of animation IMHO...

Captain Scarlet Blasts Off In New CG Series
Gerry Anderson and Sony Partner On 26 Episodes
October 21st 2004

DVD review:
The first thing that one will notice about this remake of Captain Scarlet is how short a time passes before one forgets about the CG animation. Whilst it helps that it is of such a high quality,
he CG animation - Anderson's team get it so right so often ...that it's more than possible to overlook those few moments when they don't
Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet Series 1 DVD Review
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