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What bridge design do you like?

Out of all the bridge designs that have been in the various TV shows and movies, both Federation and Alien, what bridge design do you like the most and would therefore want in your ship? If you don’t like one design in particular, but would rather piece together design elements from different bridges, what elements would you piece together and from what bridge, ship, would they come from?

As for me, I’m drawn to the bridge of the USS Prometheus for one reason, and that’s the way Ops and the Helm are sunk into the deck so that the Capt. has easy viewing of what’s going on. Wait, there’s a second reason, I lied, sorry. The other reason I like the Prometheus’ bridge is that it doesn’t seem to be over crowded. This is the reason I don’t like the Bridge on Enterprise E, it’s just too crowded with stations and what not. However, over all I like the layout of the bridge on Voyager better. I like how Voyager’s Ops and Tactical stations are in their own little cubby hole (for the lack of a better term) and therefore have a clear view to the main view screen. I also like how Voyager’s bridge is a bit roomier…people just don’t seem to be on top of each other. If I could change one thing about Voyager’s bridge it would be here briefing room; I’d make it wrap around and behind the back wall instead of the way it is now.

I do have one question about Voyager’s briefing room I’m hoping to get an answer to. There’s the entrance to Voyager’s briefing room via the sliding doors, however, there appears to be another entrance directly across from the main door that leads behind the wall. Does anyone know where that leads to? Here’s a link to the picture of the briefing room:
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