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Re: Could Star Trek V be salvaged

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Cute idea... it starts off like an actual memo, but gets too specific into things that a production executive wouldn't be able to anticipate. "Treknology"? The Man Behind the Curtain's a tad too visible here.
Yeah, you caught me.

Actually, it started off as a generic list of "what would I have changed" stuff, but then I though it would be more entertaining as a memo. And I had also put in an intor explaining that I was the exec. But, it had already become enormous and by the time I sent it, I had spent over two hours on it. I was shot.

So, if I were an Exec with a time machine, I'd go back in time and send that memo.

What I did realize while doing this, is that many of what I noted were fairly easy fixes. Even if the money wasn't there to upgrade the effects house, al lot of this would be done on the page and without major changes in filming, sets and so on. The story isexactly the same, all I did was change some details and characterizations to keep them from being, well, immature.

There IS a good film in there. Granted, we have the hindsight of 20 years (oh my God - 20 years), but with a fresh pair of eyes, the film could have been an winner and not a guilty pleasure at best.
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