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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

Trent Roman wrote: View Post
I obviously didn't know going in the extent to which the movie wouldn't feel like Star Trek.
That goes to show how different someone's perception can be. For me, the movie felt like Star Trek, mostly because the feeling of adventure and the characters' interaction.
I saw the flaws you describe in your previous post but they didn't spoil my enjoyement of the movie.
We just have to agree to disagree because yes, this is only a movie after all

Australis wrote: View Post
It's just that too often the negaive statements has a supercilious "oooo, you liked that? hmmm, not so bright" tone attached to them, and I get a bit thin skinned over that, though I probably shouldn't, I admit.
I'm getting thick skinned over that even if it's annoying. For instance:

Psycrow wrote: View Post
Lastly I don't want to insult the ppl who liked the movie and one positive that it is acomplishing is brinning new Fans in with its "lets appeal to everyone" mentality but that wasn't my "Trek" and I cant understand why my fellow Trekers are eating this poop like its candy?!?
Just an advice: if you don't want to insult the people who happen to like the movie, then don't say they like shit
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