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Re: What Star Trek toys did you grow up playing with?

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Oh damn, I think I've just found my favorite thread lol.

I was born in '89 so I didn't really start to understand and get really into Star Trek till the TNG re-runs in the late '90s. However, my parents were both trekkies so they watched TNG and decided they would get me Star Trek toys. I had about 12 of the Playmates 4.5" TNG action figures. I had the transporter that went with them, and a shuttlecraft set for them as well. I also had the Playmates battle damaged Enterprise D with the two hull pieces that "exploded" off the top of the saucer section. It always bothered me that the top of the ship had all those phaser burns but the underside was untouched... I had the Playmates Innerspace tricorder, phaser, borg-compound-hidden-inside-a-borg-face, and a klingon-temple-thing-hidden-inside-a-klingon-face... (lol). I also had the Playmates Strike Force Enterprise-D, it was a little ship, maybe 6 or 7 inches long. The saucer module detached and the saucer opened up, right along the dorsal phaser array, to reveal what looked like the helm from the bridge surrounded by random computer interfaces on all sides. I had the Playmates science tricorder as well, along with the Voyager style commbadge, and a type II phaser.

That was all I had as a child, however, recently I've taken to being tons of Star Trek stuff, and I now have around 100 of the Playmates 4.5" action figures, the Art Asylum figures of Geordi, Deanna Troi in her lavender outfit, and Locutus, tons of the micromachines ships, all of the Furuta line of starships, a set of the Konami ships, a few of the Johnny Lightning ships, the Art Asylum Enterprise-E from Nemesis, a regular un-phaser burned Playmates Enterprise-D, the Playmates bridge and engineering playsets for TNG, a bridge playset(sort-of) for TOS, and the Mega Blocks Enterprise-D, along with 50 custom made LEGO First Contact era Starfleet officers of various rank, a LEGO EMH, a Mega Blocks Captain Picard, and a LEGO Kirk, Spock, and McCoy. Plus I pre-ordered the new Art Asylum Enterprise-D that is set to ship later this month...

And... I actually manage to use most of these in my spare time...

My main thing is the 4.5" Plamates action figures though... I'm making it my business to get one of every single one out there if possible... I've looked up so much about them lol, I really think I might know all there is to know about the 4.5" Playmates figures...
Sounds like you raided my childhood toy cabinets... albeit about four years later.
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