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Re: Star Trek: TITAN: Animated Series

Saw your depiction of Dakal! I'd say you got the pose and general body language right in a big way, especially when you compare to the more extroverted members of the crew. It seems fitting to have his attention half on a PADD! And I would definitely listen to whatever he had to say. So overall, you've definitely conveyed the sense of the character and that's more than half the battle! Bear that in mind should you choose to read my suggestions. And you are obviously NOT required. It is there should you choose to consult it, and kindly hidden should you choose not to.

Now...this may be WAY more Cardassian information than you want, so you click the spoiler button at your own peril. (I have NOT incorporated any specialized terminology or set in stone any suppositions I have made in my own fanfic, so this is safe!)

Anyway, I apologize if that was too much information...I have been accused by quite a number of people here of BEING Cardassian.

Overall, for a first sketch, that's great.

AND...I must add my compliments for the Pazlar and Modan drawings! I particularly like them as well.
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