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Re: Now that Romulus is history...

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...One of the ones that comes to mind is "All Good Things," where the presence of an anti-time thingermajiggy creates three separate alternate timelines that all diverge from one-another yet co-exist...

That was nothing but Q messing with things, and had NOTHING to do with normal time travel.

Give another example. One that doesn't involve a being that can alter the fabric of the universe or put the starship Voyager inside someone's Christmas tree decoration.
First off, calm the frick down. We're talking about a movie, not having discussing US foreign policy. Nothing we're talking about is worth getting pissed off over.

Secondly, Q was very clear in saying that the only thing he did was create the anti-time and then let Picard bounce around between timelines. At no point does Q himself create or maintain those alternate timelines' existences. They are a natural consequence of the existence of anti-time.
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