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Re: Romulus in Prime timeline [spoilers]

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Trek has used both "our timeline was changed" and "we created a new timeline" versions of time travel.
When? every episode I rmember had the crew worrying that the future in there universe has bee ncanged because of time travel...The writers may have threw a bone in there interviews but there writing onscreen differs and that is the only canon.
One of the ones that comes to mind is "All Good Things," where the presence of an anti-time thingermajiggy creates three separate alternate timelines that all diverge from one-another yet co-exist.

And the writing onscreen does not differ. It very explicitly refers to an "alternate reality." And creative intent DOES matter -- it's not just "throwing a bone" to the audience, it's a way of creating a new continuity while still preserving the original and letting future creators set stories in that continuity if they choose.
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