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Re: Romulus in Prime timeline [spoilers]

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I have no objection to the destruction of Romulus. My problem was that it was treated simply as a means to an end. I guess Abrams point of view is that the film isn't about the prime universe but this new rebooted one so very little focus should be given it--so most non-fans would care less.
After their great re-introduction in TNG's "The Neutral Zone," helped in large part by Andrew Probert's incredibly cool Warbird ship design, the Romulans quickly devolved into generic, black hat-wearing, bad-for-badness sake villains. Few species of the 1.0 universe's 24th century interested me less than the Romulans did.
I actually felt the opposite way. Out of the big three powers (the klingons, romulans, and federation) i found the romulans to be the most interesting, simply because of their sneaky ways
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