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Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--"Absolution?" (AU Dukat)

I've been meaning to post this for awhile, but I finally got a drawing of what my AU Dukat (who is basically the good twin) REALLY looks like, as I see him in my mind.

In this particular pic, he's wearing desert robes, but the hair is pretty much typical for him no matter what. (Except from when his torturer cut it, at one point in his life.)

This is actually a scene from a round robin that I've entered him into over at Ad Astra; the other character belongs to trekfan of Ad Astra. This is from the scene where he finally manages to tell one of the characters who's been the most suspicious of him just how unnerving and upsetting he's found the knowledge of his duplicate. (The canon Dukat, of course.)

PLEASE NOTE--I had a photo reference I used for AU Dukat (a screencap from "Covenant"), but a portrait drawing only for trekfan's character. So, I realize that I have problems with the way I drew Daren Grimes. But, I still hope you'll enjoy this!

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