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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

Utterly Forgettable (*)

An alien wants to escape his oppressive government so he boards Voyager, but an agent from that government also boards Voyager to capture him. Janeway decides to help this agent so they capture the alien and forcefully send him home. Everyone forgets this ever happened. Two weeks later this agent shows up on Voyager because she wants to escape the same oppressive government. Janeway decides the government is mean and oppressive and promises to protect her from the nasty agents sent to recover her.

Here you have it folks, many people criticise Janeway for making wildly erratic and conflicting decisions between different episodes, but here we see her make two completely conflicting decisions in the same episode. Plot leading character: bad.

No I did not like this episode, and the fact that the woman was apparently on the ship while the Hirogen were in charge doesn't help it's case. Trek has trouble doing romance and for every one story which worked (e.g. Lifesigns) there's five that don't. The romance here is so incredibly bland; they eat ice-cream and then they kiss as the music swells in the background. I know that when you're in love doing boring things together such as washing the dishes or watching Voyager (hey-oh! ) can be enjoyable, but to an outside observer it is just boring. I like what the episode is trying to be, but I don't like what it is.
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